Jimmy Fallon recalls his experience in the 1987 SOG Race

  • Posted on: 8 July 2013
  • By: JoanneOB

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Jimmy Fallon, winner of the 2nd ever SoG in 1987 in a time of 24:14 recalls his experience

"I usually can't recall too many details from races so long ago, but this one I do more for the circumstances t...han anything else.

My brother Paul had visited the States for the first time that summer. He was flying back home and as I needed to fly home to get a visa to go to graduate school, I surprised him by being on the same flight!

Then when I got home I heard there was this new race on in Galway (since it was pre internet, information was not as readily available as now). I think I was home one or two days before the race and I had not raced since early June when I dropped out of the National Marathon with blisters.

The race started and finished in Eyre Square then. All I recall from the race was having a good battle with Gerry Ryan and I think I passed him on the Prom, but did not get too far ahead,. When I was going over Wolf Tone bridge, I heard this roar from the side of the road and it happened to be one of my best friends Brendan Quinn (fellow Providence College alum and still National Steeplechase Holder) who just happened to be on holidays in Galway (he thought I was in the states). Anyway it proved to be just enough encouragement to hold off Gerry.

I met up with Brendan and some of the family afterwards to celebrate the win. Only been home one more time when it was on in 2004 and my wife Mimi placed in the women's race.

Maybe another year I'll be there."