Keith Fallon & Evan McGuire at the Scottish University & College Athletics

  • Posted on: 8 June 2014
  • By: JoanneOB

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Keith Fallon and Evan McGuire represented Ireland in the Scottish University & College Athletics last weekend.

Keith had a great run and was 5th in the1500m finishing strong after a few weeks nursing an injury and even managed a 50 sec split in the last 400m.

Evan McGuire had a great event at the National AAI Senior Games in Santry coming 3rd in the 400m Hurdles with a time just .9 off the standard required for worlds. He had a mixed day at the Scottish University & College Athletics but has kindly given us a synopsis of his warm weather training and his experience last weekend…….

So trainings been going pretty well, considering I've had a bad bout of shin splints for the last 8/9 weeks. I was over in Portugal warm weather training with John Shields for a week there at the end of May. Had an absolute cracker of a week. Was hitting PB times IN TRAINING!! Hurdling going great and met one or two celebrity Athletes which was just amazing :D

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Since I've returned to Ireland, shin splints have caused a bit of an issue meaning I've had to reduce my days of training but I'm managing with plenty of Ice and plenty of calf strengthening exercises. I suppose the positive about me getting injuries is that they will serve me in my career and help me diagnose and treat similar injuries (Evan McGuire, always the Optimist) :)

I've had two races since my return to Ireland. Actually I hadn't raced since my hamstring injury. But I've opened up very well considering 54.4 is .9 off the world standard and I've ran those races terribly, which means I have plenty more in the tank.

Scotland to be honest was a bit of a shambles of a competition in terms of organisation and the amount of travelling we had to do. In all we spent 10 hours on boat and bus the day before competing which led to a lot of stiffness and tiredness. All that considered, I still ran a 54s 400m Hurdles, even though it was one of my worst races, hitting multiple hurdles.

I learned a lot from it in terms of what strides etc. I need to improve my consistency. I also threw myself into a 200m sprint after that just to open my sprinting season and hit a 22.4 which I was very happy with. Sets me up well to rack up a few points in the League Sprints ;) We also won the 4x400m relay beating Scotland back and winning the overall men’s competition.