2016 Membership and Track Fee Update

  • Posted on: 20 December 2015
  • By: Vincent


Over the past several months the GCH Development Committee and Juvenile Committee have been reviewing how we collect and manage membership and participation fees at GCH. At the moment all our track fees and most of our membership fees are in cash. The club is of a scale where this requires heroic effort on the part of a few volunteers to collect, count and lodge. Finding €2 for track every time can be pretty inconvenient for participants too. So in 2016 we're moving to a new membership and fees arrangement across all membership groups.

Everybody that regularly attends track will pay lower overall yearly costs, those who attend track frequently will see a substantial cost reduction. The following membership & track fee structure will apply in 2016:

Juvenile Membership (includes AAI affiliation fee of €15 and all track session fees):

  • €100 for 1 Juvenile/Junior
  • €165 for 2 Juvenile/Junior athletes in same family
  • €215 for 3 or more Juvenile/Junior athletes in same family.

NB: Currently Juvenile membership is full. There will be a registration day in December for existing members to renew membership for 2019. If any capacity is available it will be made available at a further registration day before the County Indoors in January. 

    Senior Membership (includes AAI affiliation fee of €17):

    • Annual Membership Fee including Track Fee: €95
    • Annual Membership Fee (no track): €40
    • Each senior member pays the above rate.

    Senior Track Fees:

    • Annual Track Fee: €55 for the year 1st January to 31st December
    • Per-Term Track Fee: €22 per term. There are three terms in the year.  January to Easter, Easter to August, September to December.
    • Ad hoc payments will be taken at the track €5 per session.

    Frequently Asked Questions...

    1. What do I get for my membership fee?

    You get to improve your mental and physical well-being, self confidence and the ability to achieve many things you never imagined were possible. You also get to train and compete with many of the nicest people in Galway.

    2. What do I get for my track fees?

    You get access to some of the best coaching available in the city, changing facilities, and sessions on the track including lights. Once in a while you may also get to know your tolerance for self-inflicted, gut-wrenching, and mind-warping physical distress, but only if you want to.

    3. When can I sign-up?

    Easy there - we'll have the online payments facility for 2016 membership and track fees available in time for you to give it as a Christmas present to the person(s) you love most. Juvenile registration days will be notified at training.

    4. I can pay my fees online?

    Funny you should ask that because we are planning to offer online payment options for Seniors for 2016 fees, and GCH will even carry the cost of processing.

    5. Can I pay by cheque though?

    Juvenile fees should be paid by cheque on registration day. Seniors can pay by cheque if you choose not to use the online payment facility, but we really hope you will pay your fees online.

    6.  When does the GCH Membership Year run from?

    We run all year (ha!). The GCH Membership Year runs from January to December, and all athletes must be be paid-up members before participating in any club activities. 

    6.  The GCH Membership Year runs from January to December, and all athletes must be be paid-up members before participating in club activities. Do I have to pay all that if I join in September?

    Yes. GCH has to pay your full AAI affiliation fee of  €17 for the calendar year no matter whether you join in January or September. There will, however,  be a modest reduction in GCH membership fee for Juveniles who join us in September or later in the year.

    7. Why did you change the family discount?

    Reduced fees are focused on families with several youngsters and we are trying to ensure participation remains affordable for all. If you have difficulties paying the new fees please contact your coach in the first instance and they'll do their best to work something out.

    8. Hold on, did you say in 2016 it's going to cost me (a Senior) €5 to attend track?

    Yes. We really need you to pay annual track fees so our volunteers can work on adding value to your membership instead of collecting, counting and lodging all those coins every week. It's way cheaper for you to pay the annual fee than the old way (close to 50% cheaper). If you're only going to attend track for part of the year please pay per-term fees.

    9. I have a question not answered above. Who can I ask?

    Please ask on the GCH Training Together, Fit 4 Life or Juvenile Facebook page. Or chat to one of the committee members at training.