Member Seminar - Psychology and Performance in Sport

  • Posted on: 14 May 2015
  • By: Vincent

There was a fantastic turnout of more than 60 GCH members at the seminar on psychology in sport last night at the Galway Bay Hotel. We had some of the newest members present with some of the longest standing members of the club and the speakers kept us enthralled.

Dr. Jane Walsh started the evening with a review of the techniques and skills used by elite sportspeople to maximise their motivation and performance in training and in events. Jane has kindly made her slides available below for reference.

This was followed by an enlightening discussion with Gary Thornton on how he applies those techniques in training, race preparation and racing itself. It is clear that alongside his amazing talent Gary has an incredible work ethic as he "grinds" out in excess of 5,000km a year much of which is at a phenomenal pace.

A special thanks goes to Gary, Jane and Matt for a great evening. Members sharing their knowledge and experience with us in this way is an inspiration. I'm off to find my runners!