Weeks 3 & 4 - Absolute Beginners

  • Posted on: 30 May 2016
  • By: ciaran

The 3rd and 4th weeks of any training plan can be the most challenging and when injuries or illness often happen. You may find the initial enthusiasm is wearing off or you may have found the first two weeks easy and be tempted to increase your training rapidly. Now is the time to be patient and keep making incremental increases to the volume and/or pace of your training. It’s a fantastic time of year for training. If you are busy the bright early mornings and evenings provide extra opportunities to get your training done in daylight.

I have included a ‘parkrun’ as these are a great introduction to racing for beginners. Parkruns are free you just sign up online but just make sure you help keep them going by volunteering to help with one of the runs in the weeks after the streets of Galway. I have included a kind of ‘out and back’ run for both groups. These are great for helping to build up a sense of pace judgement and running faster at the end of run is a great way to build up your endurance. Remember if you want to supplement this with some easy recovery running or cross training on the other days that is great as long as you are able to get through the program and they don’t become hard days of training.














Walk for 5 minutes to warm-up. Then run for 4 min then take 2 minutes walk to recover. Repeat this 4 times so that you have run for a total of 16 minutes.


Out and back run/walk. Run for 8 minutes and make a mental note of where you finish. Walk for 2 minutes further then turnaround and walk back towards your starting position for two minutes then try to run back to where you first started the run in less than 8 minutes.


5 min walk, 10 min jog, 5min walk, 10 min jog, 10-15 minutes’ walk.





Walk for 5 minutes to warm-up. Then run for 6 min then take 2 minutes’ walk to recover. Repeat this 4 times so that you have run for a total of 24 minutes.


Walk for 5 minutes to warm up then try for 15 minutes continuous running. If you have to take a 1minute break to walk in the middle then no problem but don't let it become more than that.


Parkrun 5km -They are free and held all over the country. Sign up at parkrun.ie. There is one in Knocknacarra. Sign up at www.parkrun.ie. If you can run the whole way brilliant - you are ahead of schedule. If not then run a lap then walk for two minutes, then run again.