Weeks 1 & 2 - Absolute Beginners

  • Posted on: 15 May 2016
  • By: ciaran

Even if you are a beginner, unless you have an injury or illness, anybody can get in shape to walk 8km! So if you are going to take on the challenge of the Streets of Galway, why not challenge yourself to run the whole way. You have around 12 weeks to build up your training so if you are consistent, it is realistic to run the whole way even if you have not run before. The key is consistency in your training. To be consistent you need to stay healthy so increase the training very gradually. I suggest you start with a mix of walking and running to allow your body chance to adapt to the rigours of running. Get a good quality pair of runners that are comfortable. Apart from shorts and t-shirt you should be good to go. The one other thing that would help though is a sport watch. It doesn’t need to be a fancy GPS watch, a simple stop watch will do the job or worst case the stop watch on your phone. It is important to monitor your progress by timing yourself. If you can record the training that you did in a diary or journal, then that can serve as a great source of motivation as you plot your progress. If you can do some cross training such as Pilates or swimming that will help your recovery and ability to stay injury free.  

Starting Week              
  1 M T W T F S S
16/05/2016     10 min fast walk to warm up, Repeat 5 times (1min jog follow by 1min walk) times, 10 min walk to cool down   5min walk, Repeat 3 times(1min run, 1min walk, 2min run, 1min walk, 3min run, 1min walk), 5min jog   5min walk to warm up, Repeat 4 times (3min run, 2min walk), 5min walk to warm up,  
23/05/2016     10 min fast walk to warm up,           Repeat 6 times( 2min jog follow by 1min walk) s, 10 min walk to cool down   10 min fast walk to warm up,           Repeat 2 times( 6  min jog follow by 2 min walk) , 10 min walk to cool down   10 min fast walk to warm up,  10 min jog, 10 min fast walk to warm down