Weeks 1 & 2 - 40min 8km

  • Posted on: 15 May 2016
  • By: ciaran

Outline plan for somebody that is used to doing some running. To run 40 minutes for 8km you obviously have to run 5min per km or quicker. The plan will evolve to involve some speed work and the runs will get longer but the aim in the first two weeks is just to start building fitness without getting injured. When you change your training, you are at a high risk of injury unless you do it gradually. If you are already running more than 3 times per week then keep it up. Equally, if you need to run on different days, then that’s fine but try to distribute your training as evenly as possible and follow hard days with easy days. If you can do some cross training on the days inbetween the runs then great. Pilates is excellent for building the trunk stability needed for running and helping to avoid injury. Remember to stretch after runs. If you can afford it, there are some excellent sports therapists in the city with a running background that could help you stay injury free. Prevention is better than cure so book a massage every 1-4 weeks if you can. 

Starting Week              
  1 M T W T F S S
16/05/2016     30 min run   30 min run   40 min run  
23/05/2016     40 min run    40 min run   45 min run