Race List - 2017 Streets of Galway

  • Posted on: 10 August 2017
  • By: BrendanM

This page will contain the list of runners registered (online and offline) for the 2017 Streets of Galway. If there is a possibility of confusion around surname/firstname we have put "D" as your Race Number. Don't panic  - we have your number. It's just there could be three of "Sean Murphy" and we want to be sure to hand out the correct number. On collecting your race pack you can tell us your email address in person and we will hand out the correct Race Number.


Also, there are some people who registered in the last 24 hours. These may also be missing from the list published here. These will be added in time, before race day. We will be updating this list daily. 

There are three files  - the second file is for offline/corporate/gyms/clubs etc. 

The third file is for Late Entrants.....anyone who entered since Tuesday evening.