Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

  • Posted on: 18 October 2016
  • By: Una

A unanimous decision was reached by the GCH Management Committee to hold an EGM in the Westwood Hotel, Elizabeth Suite 8:30pm, 10th November 2016. This is an important opportunity for you to participate in some important decisions about how we operate as a club and we encourage all members to attend.


The Agenda is as follows:


  1. Adopt a revised Club Constitution that complies with the Revenue Commissioners requirements for obtaining Tax Exempt status. This matter will be voted on at the meeting.

  1. Information only presentation on future governance options for GCH. This is an opportunity for open dialog between the Management Committee and the membership on future options for legal status of our club. No decision is needed on this matter at the meeting.

For clarity, all members with full membership status aged 16 years or older are eligible to vote. Each eligible person is entitled to one vote. Parents shall hold one vote on behalf of their child/children who are members of the club and have yet to reach the age of 16. Parents who are club members in their own right may vote with this right for themselves and also cast one vote on behalf of their child/children.

A change to the club constitution must be passed by a special resolution of two-thirds of the persons present at the meeting that are entitled to vote.