Guidelines for Juvenile Relays

  • Posted on: 28 November 2018
  • By: Ger

U12 – U19 GCH Juvenile Relay Policy

Athlete Step Up’s

As per AAI rules, athlete Step ups (i.e. a child is allowed run up one age) are allowed when putting together GCH relay teams.  A maximum of one Step up will be permitted in the U12 and U13 age categories, and a maximum two Step ups will be permitted from U14 and upwards.

Indoor Season – 4 x 200m

County – every child will be included in a relay team where possible.  There will be NO run offs for this competition, and the emphasis will be on giving every athlete an opportunity to run. It is not envisaged to have any Step ups for the counties unless it is required to put a team together.

Connachts – qualification for the National’s comes through the Connachts so the relay team selection will be decided by holding an official GCH relay run off.  It is planned to run this after the warm-up on Sunday February 3rd.  We hope that knowing the date in advance will help athletes prepare accordingly. The Relay teams will be picked based on the results of this run off qualifier.  Step ups will be permitted.

Nationals – The team selection for the Nationals will be decided by the Coaches.  Results in the run offs and participation in the Connachts will obviously form part of this decision, but will not be the only factors. Times posted in training between the run offs and the Nationals will allow opportunities for athletes to improve their ranking within a given age group, and athletes returning from injury will also be considered. Step ups will be allowed and the relay team will consist of a panel of 6.

Outdoor Season – 4 x 100m

County – in the Outdoor Events qualification for the Nationals is decided in the Counties.  We therefore plan to hold a second round of run offs for all juveniles in Mid April 2019. The relay team selection will be based on this qualifier and Step ups will be allowed.

Connachts – every child who would like to participate in a relay team for the Connacht’s will be included where possible and the results in the April run offs will be used to select these teams.  Step ups are not envisaged unless required to make up a team.

Nationals – Again the team selection for the Nationals will be decided by the coaches. Results in the run offs will form part of the decision making, but will not be the only factor.  As before, times posted in training or returning athletes will be considered when putting together a team for the Nationals.  Step ups will be allowed and the relay team will consist of a panel of 6.

Any athlete who has been injured or is unable to make the run offs will be considered in any decision regarding relay team selection.

We will endeavour at all times to keep the athletes informed of the relay team selections, but if you have any questions please speak to the relay Co-ordinator, Ken Walsh.